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Anniversary Celebrating A Century Of Chiropractic!!!

September this year marks the 100-year anniversary of Chiropractic in our family. My Great Grandfather Frank Tolleen was Sweden’s very first graduated Chiropractor back in 1916. Followed by both my grandparents May and Lars (1940 Palmer) and by my father Larry (1972 North Western: who at 76 is still working in Finland). My twin brother Finn also works as an animal chiropractor in Sweden. As far as I am aware, at this time there are 14 families in the world that have 4th generation Chiropractors in them.

Frank Johan Petersson Tolleen Dr. of Chiropractic

Frank Tolleen was the very first chiropractor in the family. He was filling in as pastor at a Swedish Baptist Church in the United States. In 1913 he was recommended to look for a chiropractor for his bad hip. Had such success that he left his work as a pastor and decided to become a Chiropractor . He trained at (St Pauls) National College of chiropractic and graduated 1916. Frank was the editor of Chiropraktisk Journal for many years. In 1936-seven of the fifteen us-trained chiropractors in Sweden formed Swedens First Association. The first chiropractors came to Sweden in the 1920 s. The resistance against their activities were strong from both medical doctors and the press. Contacts were developed from this until the association LKR was formed in 1936. Now days there are 3 different associations in sweden

frank tolleen

Dr Frank Tolleen circa 1919. Chiropractic News Vol 1, Issue 2, pg1 Frank was in practice in Minneapolis prior to the effective date of Minnesota’s licensing law, in 1919, as he received Minnesota license #52 on May 28, 1919. He was listed with the abbreviation “Exem”, for exempt, which means he was ‘grandfathered’ in. John Wolfe has a list, from the MBCE, of all licensees from 1919 to 1946. At about the same time, Shegetaro Morikubo was practicing in the building next door, called the Skiles Building. Franks practice was in the building where Northwestern College of Chiropractic was founded in 1941. After WW II, Northwestern occupied the fourth, fifth and sixth floors of 608 Nicollet. (Minnesota was almost the first state to get licensure circa 1904, D.D Palmer went up there and lobbied against it because he didn’t like how chiropractic was defined)- not sure if this is true



morikubo mental impulse

Diagram by Morikubo 1915 showing the chiropractic concept of the Mental Impulse. A concept still valid today as science catches up to conclusions of deductive logic. To learn more we highly recommend Sinnott’s Textbook of Chiropractic Philosophy


May and Lars Sandberg Palmer graduation photo.

May and Lars in their graduation photo 1940 , 5 & 6 from the left in the bottom row. There is a B.J. Giles from New Zealand in this class. Relation to the first chiro in N.Z?


Atlas and Axis by Lars B. Sandberg published 1955.

Atlas and Axis by Lars B. Sandberg published 1955. Lars worked closely with medical radiologists in Germany in the 1940s and 50s to examine how to best visualize the upper cervical region.

L B. Sandberg D.C measuring for X-ray ca. 1954

L B. Sandberg D.C measuring for X-ray ca. 1954. Swedish Chiropractors has since lost their right to analyse the spine using radiography. Even though the chiropractic profession was the first to ever image the spine. Lars Pioneered imaging of the upper cervical spine and even has a view named after him… the “Sandberg-Guttman view”. Though no longer in use its aim was to better visualise the C0-C1 joint during an APOM view.


lars sandberg quote

“You understand the subject so far as the science of today has reached, but you do not know everything! For you have not seen it all.” L. B. Sandberg

Harry C. Lynn? Chiropractor (left), with May Sandberg D.C (2nd from right) and baby Larry Sandberg D.C. (held by unknown woman) c.a 1940

Harry C. Lynn? Chiropractor (left), with May Sandberg D.C (2nd from right) and baby Larry Sandberg D.C. (held by unknown woman)
c.a 1940

Larry Sandberg D.C. och Sven Malmborg D.C.

Frank “Larry” Sandberg D.C. and his friend Sven Malmborg D.C. 2013


Finn working on horses in Sweden

Finn working on horses in Sweden

September 18th is also considered the Chiropractic professions official birthday as on that day in 1895 the very first chiropractic adjustment was delivered by the founder of chiropractic, D.D. Palmer.

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