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Delving into what drives our genetic expression.



Finally the concepts surrounding epigenetics are starting to hit mainstream media: the fact that your genes do not control your future, and are not to blame for all your problems. In the nature/nurture argument, genetic manifestation of what’s going on in your life accounts for less than 25%

Bruce Lipton is a cell biologist (and my former Immunology teacher) who has been studying epigenetics for over 40 years. He was one of the first people that got me interested in the science behind chiropractic: how a change in stimulus to the nervous system can alter our genetic expression. It always reminds me of my favourite joke by Bill Hicks, “Evolution didn’t end with us growing thumbs, you know that, right?”

School textbooks on genetics are not going to change for another 10 years, so for those who want a head start understanding epigenetics, I highly recommend looking up Dr. Lipton on YouTube for his informative and entertaining talks.


What Is Normal???

In all healthcare fields they determine if something is wrong with the body by comparing it to normal. Just think of blood pressure and blood sugar levels. Your spine is no different; it too has a normal shape indicating overall health. Your spine is the foundation of YOUR house, your body, which is mostly unnoticeable from the outside. Sometimes you can spot a change in someone’s underlying structure and one of these is Anterior Head Syndrome or AHS. Can you spot this condition in someone or see this in yourself? Remember we always offer a complimentary consultation to help guide in your health related decisions.

Avoid Shifts in Structure!

Look after your head and neck! Inside there you have a brain. It’s important to get checked even after little fender benders where “nothing really happened”.

This study showed the extent of psychiatric illnesses after mild traumatic brain injuries. A total of 1,084 traumatically injured patients were initially assessed during hospital admission and followed up 3 months and 12 months after injury. Twelve months after injury, 31% of patients reported a psychiatric disorder, and 22% developed a psychiatric disorder that they had never experienced before. The most common new psychiatric disorders were depression (9%), generalized anxiety disorder (9%), posttraumatic stress disorder (6%), and agoraphobia, a fear of social situations (6%). Am J Psychiatry 2010; 167:312-320

There are THREE major indicators of a Structural Shift.

The first indicator is a neurologic abnormality     - discoverable utilising our Neurologic Analysis.

The second indicator is structural muscular dysfunction - discoverable utilising our Muscular Assessment.

The third indicator is a structural abnormality   - discoverable utilising Structural Radiographical Assessment and Digital Structural Imaging Analysis.

If one or more of these indicators are present, then you may have a Structural Shift away from NORMAL. After analysing our findings, we will recommend a Structural Corrective Plan of Care.

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