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Beginnings - The Primitive Streak


We will discuss how the brain and spinal cord are formed in the womb in order to  lay a foundation for subsequent posts as we get into the birth process and the effects of Structural Shifts, their associated Secondary Conditions and how we can make Structural Correction towards NORMAL!!!


Your child was once one singular cell that began to divide at an incredible rate. Just 15 days after conception the original stem cells start to separate into the different tissues they will become. This is first seen in something called the primitive streak.

We are interested mainly in the ectoderm as it turns into the master controlling system of the body, your nervous system. Neurons grow at the amazing rate of 250,000 per minute in a child developing in the womb.


The next post will talk about the birthing process and how Structural Shifts may occur during this time.


This streak marks the beginning of gastrulation. Simply put, all the original stem cells now separate into 3 distinct levels in an embryonic disc. The layers are the ectoderm, mesoderm and the endoderm. The ectoderm turns into the nervous system and skin. The mesoderm turns into muscle and bone, while the endoderm turns into your internal organs.

The ectoderm becomes the brain, the spinal cord (both encased in what will be bone to protect it) and rest of the nervous system. The brain and nervous system is the first system to develop as it is the system that then coordinates the growth and function of all the other systems in the body. An analogy would be to compare your body to a tree where the nervous system is the root system (brain) and is encased by the trunk (bone) of the tree, which then spreads out as branches. It is only after the roots, trunk and branches are established that you can have leaves, flowers or fruit (organs).



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