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Australias only MASI (3D scan) !


We are very proud to be able to bring our patients the most specific and objective care available within Chiropractic and neck care in totality. Multi Axial Structural Imaging (3D scan of spine) allows us with greater clarity than ever before diagnose structural problems of the neck. Do you know someone that has tried everything to resolve a secondary condition, without success? Let them know about us and see if through a Complimentary Consultation we can discover their primary condition.




Headaches, Your Secondary Condition?… Check your neck!

More than 3 MILLION Australians suffer from migraines and a further 7 MILLION suffer from tension type headaches.
It is the THIRD highest reason for disability in persons aged under 55. Up to 80 PERCENT of migraine sufferers are looking for a better solution.
An often overlooked KEY to the puzzle of this Secondary Condition is a complete analysis and CORRECT treatment of the neck.
Simple exercises tend to be a temporary band aid solution with focus on the Secondary Condition (ie the headache) rather than the PRIMARY CAUSE/CONDITION. Using the latest imaging technology and the most specific technique available we establish if in fact there has been a STRUCTURAL SHIFT AWAY FROM NORMAL.
We investigate if this may be the Primary contributing factor in influencing the delicate nerves and brainstem at the top part of your neck, causing headaches among a host of secondary conditions. Our Approach is NON CONVENTIONAL and differs from traditional methods most notably for our long lasting results in settling the nervous system and CORRECTING UNDERLYING STRUCTURE.
We suggest that that anyone with chronic unresolved headaches takes advantage of our COMPLIMENTARY CONSULT to learn whether our neck specific approach is the answer you have been looking for.





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Align Chiropractic Centre is focused on structural correction of the spine. We use state of the art
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