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Your Mattress, Your Structure… Your Wallet!!!

We recommend the following:

1). Classic Sihouette 8″ ($300usd for a king via Amazon..and far superior to ANY other memory foam mattress)



SLEEP NUMBER are worthless, as are TempurPedic. They destroy spines.

There are two companies that USED TO purchase their underlay foam from the best resource in China…one that is certified with respect to not using any toxic in their mattresses. TempurPedic and Classic (This underlay was very firm).

About 4 years ago, in an effort to please the American consumer, TempurPedic stopped using firmer foam and moved to an inferior product (when they revised their line).

The CLASSIC 8″ has 6 inches of the firm foam, with 2″ of a slightly softer foam on top. If you order from Amazon, a King is $265.00. It comes rolled up (vacuum sealed) in plastic and in a box.

This is the best mattress out there (the Black Line Alexa is also nice)
IF YOU are going to be spending 1/4 to 1/3 of  YOUR day on a mattress, then it only makes sense to use the best mattress out there.

By the way…it is a memory foam mattress….so we recommend it on a platform or a GREAT boxspring. A bad boxspring is the kiss of death for a memory foam.

TempurPedic is now an inferior product. They purchased SEALY and King Koil…they are going to liquidize (not liquidate) Sealy…and keep King Koil as a revenue generator for those who insist on a spring mattress.

The coil mattress that we recommend (if you wanted a mattress that thick) is the SIMMONS BLACK LINE ALEXA,

Here is the link for the CLASSIC brand 8″:




You must give it from a few days to a week to restore itself to its full size. It comes vacuum-packed in a tight roll. Just be patient and make sure you get the SureGuard waterproof mattress cover.

SureGuard is thin and doesn’t create extra heat.



Now that you are saving money, your wallet will be thicker, Hence please be careful and do not have it in your back pocket while driving. The average man spends 67 minutes in the car per day. The slight tilt in your back from sitting on your wallet has been shown to put pressure on your sciatic nerve which causes lower back pain. So either spend more money to thin the wallet or take it out when you drive :)


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