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Myodural Bridge!

Structural Shifts in the spine away from what is considered normal may create Secondary Conditions. The most common way this occurs is Structural Shifts placing improper forces on the soft tissues attached to the hard structure of the spine. If a foundational structure such as the spine shifts, so must the attached ligaments, tendons, musculature and even spinal cord. One such important area is called the MUSCLE DURAL BRIDGE.  A somewhat recent discovery, this is a soft tissue bridge between a muscle in the upper neck and the dura mater tissue surrounding the spinal cord. With the muscle being attached to both the occiput and the first bone in your neck, any changes away from normal structure in this area may affect function, leading to a host of Secondary Conditions including neck pain and headaches.\



One study states, “There is a continuity of soft tissue between the cervical musculature and the cervical dura mater; this might have physiological, pathophysiological, and therapeutic implications, and going some way to explaining the effect of some therapies in craniocervical disorders.” https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/27116115

Another study covers the possible function of the bridge; The anatomical connection between a deep occipital-cervical muscle, the rectus capitis posterior minor and the dura mater, stop the movement of the dura toward the spinal cord. The function of the muscle dural bridge may be to prevent folding of the dura mater during hyperextension of the neck. Also, the paper states that “clinical evidence suggests that the muscle dural bridge may play an important role the pathogenesis of the cervicogenic headaches.” https://www.nlm.nih.gov/archive/20120612/research/visible/vhp_conf/hack2/hack2.htm


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