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The Neck Problem Your Doctor Is Missing!!!



Which neck do you think looks the most like you?

According to the best physical medicine journals in the world, if you have neck pain and headaches you probably look like the 2 postures on the right.

In chiropractic, we call this condition Anterior Head Syndrome.

Anterior head syndrome is a structural condition of the spine where the head shifts forward  in front of the neck and shoulders. This can be a result of:

  • Whiplash accidents
  • Years of weak posture
  • Months of muscle imbalance

The problem is that the body doesn’t work right when the head is in this position.

As the head shifts:

  • The neck muscles must work harder and fatigue easier
  • The upper back rounds forming a “hunch back” or Dowager’s hump
  • The ligaments deform
  • The nerves stretch and become irritated

All of this culminates into a problem that can cause chronic and recurring head and neck pain.

Many times people will take over the counter meds, get massages, or use stretching/exercise to treat chronic head and neck pain only to find that the fix is temporary.

That’s because they’ve only addressed the pain, but did nothing to address what CAUSED the pain to begin with.

Physical Problems Require Physical Solutions

There are times when neck pain and headaches are stemming from a physical problem within the spine. While the exercises you received in earlier emails can help control the pain, they don’t address the underlying physical problem that’s making your neck weak.

In order to get a long-lasting solution, we have to go back and address the cause. And that’s where Structural Correction can come into play.

What is Structural Correction

Most chiropractors focus on treating tight muscles and decreasing pain and do a great job. In our office, we focus on building a stronger and more resilient spine by fixing the Structure.

Think of your body like a new house that you just bought. One of the most important things about a house or any building is the foundation. If your foundation was off by even just a couple of inches, that becomes a BIG problem.

Strong Foundation

Your spine is the foundation for your body. While a poor foundation may not cause problems immediately, the longer it’s there, the more problems it starts the cause in the house.

Our job is to use the most precise and non-invasive procedures to safely make your foundation balanced again using the latest imaging and specific correction techniques.

But We Can’t Help Everyone

Now I’m not going to lie and say that we help everyone. Structural Correction does not solve everyone’s case. I’ve had some restless nights trying to solve the cause of someone’s pain. Not everyone is a great candidate for care, and it’s up to us as doctors to screen for the right type of patient.

The good news is that the last 8 years have taught me a lot about how to know when someone could benefit from Structural Correction. It’s actually the entire reason why I have a Complimentary Consultation.

I don’t believe in charging people until I’m confident that I can help.

The best doctors will tell you that 80% of a diagnosis comes from a patient’s history, and I believe that is true here as well. We use a 20 minute conversation to find out if your health history makes you someone that’s likely to get great results.

If I feel like I can help you, I’ll let you know that up front, and you’ll have the option to get a full Structural Examination.

If I don’t think I can help, then I use my network of specialists in sports medicine, orthopedics, or alternative healthcare to direct you to the doctor that you need.

If you ever want to chat about your condition, feel free to give us a call at the office or email us back with any questions. If you feel like it’s time for a more in depth consultation, then go ahead and call our office and set up a time where we can chat.

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