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How do I know if I need a Structural Correction???

Sometimes it’s difficult to tell if you need a Structural Correction. Maintaining a regular checkup schedule helps us catch you when you have a Structural Shift away from Normal. Here are a few ways to know if you may need to get in to see us even sooner.

THE 48-HOUR RULE: If your pain or other symptoms persist longer than 48 hours, schedule an appointment with your chiropractor. Here’s why: your body is signalling that something is wrong. Pain is your personal smoke alarm you need to actively listen to pain signals, or you may pay the price later. Simply taking pain medication is tantamount to taking the batteries out of that smoke alarm or putting a band aid on without accessing the Primary Condition. The central nervous system is highly adept at compensating and adapting for your structural shifts or injuries so that you can function. Unfortunately, if you’ve been dealing with painful symptoms anywhere from three days to three or more years, your body may be compensating in harmful ways that prevent or slow the healing process.

PROBLEMS MOVING: If you do not have full range of motion (look over your shoulder and see what’s behind you), bend over easily, or move your limbs through their full range, you should give us a call. Why?: motion is crucial to overall health and prevents degeneration. Lack of motion equals dehydration of the joints, improper nutrition, and accelerated degeneration.

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BACK “WENT OUT”: Have you ever experienced your back “going out,” during which you were unable to sit, stand, or move comfortably for any period of time? if so you need to contact the office as soon as possible, even if you currently have no symptoms. Here’s why: your back has been weakened by an injury, and you are 80% more likely to have a re occurrence without proper care. Muscles have a memory and need to be retrained and strengthened to prevent similar incidents.

“I HAVE HEADACHES”: Headaches are a sign that something needs attention in your body and you may need to see your chiropractor. There are many reasons why you may get a headache, including not drinking enough water, eating poorly, and not getting proper sleep. But if you know that you have been taking good care of yourself and you’re still getting headaches, it’s time to schedule an appointment. Also if you know anybody else who is having some of these issues, it’s a great reason to have them schedule a Complimentary Consult with us as well.

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