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A Time For Giving!

This has been a fantastic year for us at Align Chiropractic and now is the time to give back to our community. Therefore, during the month of December, we will give all proceeds from our examination fees to a children’s charity right here in Maroochydore.  If you know of a charity that you can recommend, which can brighten Christmas for less fortunate children in our community then please let us know.

If you are looking for something different to give to yourself or a loved one this Christmas, why not a complete Structural Correction Examination? We also have Structural Pillows, Lumbar rolls and Well Adjusted Babies Books for sale at Preferred Patient Prices!!!


Introducing Multi-Axis Structural Imaging (MASI)For 2017!!!

We are very excited to announce that in the New Year, Align Chiropractic will be the first chiropractic office in Australia to offer its patients Multi-Axis Structural Imaging and analysis, the latest in imaging technology. These MASI THREE DIMENSIONAL images fulfill our commitment to excellence, objectivity and specificity as they provide us with the clearest possible picture of one’s individual structural anatomy. These highly detailed pictures and their accompanying analysis allow us to once again push the frontier in providing the best care available within Structural Correction.

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Because of their detail, these MASI 3D images allow the practitioner to better diagnose and understand the true extent of any Structural Shifts away from what is considered normal alignment. This means we can provide higher accuracy with greater objectivity, leading to more appropriate treatment plans for our patients.


Also, MASI’s allow practitioners to collect much more data - with a single scan (rather than multiple conventional radiographic images) leading to a potentially lower effective patient radiation dose. We are glad to be able to provide the future in Structurally Corrective Care today! To learn more, simply book in for a Complimentary Consultation – It’s a conversation, NOT a commitment!!!

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