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Neck problems and your Nerves!

On the subject of Upper Cervical care and TMJ (jaw) disorders, check out the linked study titled Selected ENT symptoms in functional disorders of the upper cervical spine and temporomandibular jointsM. Hölzl et al Published online: 11 February 2019

They start out stating: Definition of the upper cervical spine The cervical spine is not a unitary system, but is divided into the craniovertebral joints (occiput to C3) and the lower cervical spine (C3 to C7). The difference is manifested in the morphology and joint mechanics as well as in the muscle dynamics and neurophysiology. The segments of the craniovertebral joints comprise the atlanto-occipital joint (Oc-C1) and the atlantoaxial joint(C1/C2). In addition, C2/C3 must be accounted for as an additional part of the system in neuroanatomical, functional, and clinical terms, because the cervico-trigeminal neuroanatomy, converges toward the spinal trigeminal nucleus from the cervical spinal roots of C1–C3. The craniovertebral joint region is a sensory organ for the perception of body position and movement and they continue A “blockade” is a reversible dysfunction of the craniovertebral or temporomandibular joints.

Please read this study as they discuss the relationship of the craniocervical region with tinnitus, dysphagia, cervicogenic vertigo, and various cervical disturbances traced to the upper neck. Looking at the illustration from this article, keep in mind the statement of Dr.Amy  Pruszenski , “If there is no eye pathology (glaucoma, torn retina,…) consider the eye, along with the upper part of the neck as part of the brain.”. The illustration from the article would make a great point. See below:


Got those brain synapses firing away with that study?, how about another one? Linked is a study titled The Craniocervical junction-embryology, anatomy, biomechanics and imaging in blunt trauma. Please read this as it will really enhance your knowledge of the phases of embryological development of the upper cervical spine but also discusses the anomalies we often see in our imaging.



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