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What Is A Structural Shift?

While it is hard to find anyone who is textbook perfect in their spinal structure, in regards to health, we understand that there is a normal range in which you should find yourself.  For example we know how to recognise a fever or high blood pressure by utilizing scientifically established normal ranges. These established normal ranges are almost everywhere you look, blood sugar, heart rate, sight and body mass etc. Just like there will always be variations based on age or situation and no one needs to be perfect, you should strive to be within accepted ranges.


The body uses Secondary Conditions as warning indicators of a potentially more serious condition. A Structural Shift away from normal is a Primary Condition that may be the cause of your Secondary Condition. Our office focuses on detecting and correcting these shifts so that the body can heal on its own and you can be symptom-free.

The entire spine as a functional unit and there are two foundational areas that are paramount, due to their unique anatomy, in regards to experiencing a Structural Shift.

Upper Cervical Atlas and Axis

Because of its increased range of motion, the area of the spine most vulnerable to Structural Shifts is the top of your spine at the base of the skull. Structural Shifts here can cause a condition known as the Atlas Displacement Complex (ADC). This can affect the neck and upper back, cranial bone position, brainstem function and even low back problems can stem from the top of your neck.


Because of the Primary shift of Atlas or Axis the base of the spine may shift, twisting the pelvis and sacrum causing a Pelvic Displacement Complex (PDC), or Structural Shift at the sacroiliac joints. This can cause the hips to shift and produce improper alignment. What we see is a  cascading down the spine from the Primary Condition causing Secondary Conditions.

So just what are Secondary Conditions and which conditions may have an association with Structural Shifts?

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