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Happy Holidays !!!! 

Happy Holidays And Best Wishes For A Healthy, Happy & Prosperous 2016!!!

A quick health tip for the Holidays and New Year…
If you went back about 100 years, you would have found that most vegetables and fruits were abundant in omega-3 oil.
Today, mainly due to conventional farming, most vegetables and fruits are severely deficient in a nutrient that is critical for the optimum function of your nervous system. Many organic products are also deficient due to cross-contamination.
No different than oxygen, water, and other nutrients, your body needs omega-3 - which is why we are very adamant when it comes to recommending that you either consume wildcold-water Atlantic or Pacific fish OR take a quality MPEG-5 omega-3 supplement.
Preferred Patient Program
Here we will feature different businesses which have Aligned with us to give you fantastic deals on their products and services.  For example, get 10% off your hay for our equine friends at Horse & Co.in Dayboro or 10% off Spray Free Almonds from NEBO, Maroochydore’s premium organic health food shop.

Please contact us if you want your business featured as a part of this program.

All our products are discounted to anyone in the Preferred Patient Program. Why not save save $15 on your very own Structural Pillow fitted for your individually  neck. Maybe the perfect Christmas gift for that someone?


Preferred Patient card must be  presented in person; and is non-transferable; one card is issued  per patient to be used by that patient..
No different than many other professions, chiropractic also has its share of unique areas of concentration.

Most of chiropractic is comprised of traditional chiropractors. A traditional chiropractor focuses on decreasing muscular spasm, increase range of motion,and reducing pain-all of which are often (but not always) indicators of a deeper,underlying condition.

A Structural Chiropractor focuses on the PRIMARY Condition, called a Structural Shift, which in turn contributes to SECONDARY Conditions.
A Structural Shift is a state in which the normal structure of the spine has shifted away from normal. Where the nerves and muscles of the spine are experiencing a level ofinterference (similar to a short circuit) that, will in turn,lead toSecondary Conditions such as pain, numbness, tingling, headaches and digestiveabnormalities, to name a few.
Put simply, at Align Chiropractic we focus on the detection and correction of neurological obstructions, due to Structural Shifts, allowing for the full expression of life of the individual.

We take pride in  the fact that we educate our patients so  that they fully understandwhat we are looking for and exactly how we are going  to go about correcting StructuralShifts.

You are more than welcome to schedule a Complementary Consultation regarding your individual care.

Once again we wish you a happy holiday season and look forward to working with you, your family and furry friends in 2016.

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