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Structural Corrective Care

We are the only Structural Correction Chiropractic clinic on the Sunshine Coast, Experience the Structural Difference at Align Chiropractic Centre… learn more here

Safe Gentle Structural Paediatric and Pregnancy Care

Greater Comfort and Safer Births!!! How can Structural Chiropractic add comfort? And why can we make sure our children have a healthy foundation! Find out more here

Structural Animal Care

If you experience your Dog, Cat or Horse as stiff or just not moving as it used to, it may mean a Structural Shift has occurred in the spine.. find out more about this service here

Health Reports

Here we provide a collection of reading material for you to delve further into the Chiropractic viewpoint regarding health and adaptation.

Preferred Patient Program

For people who are under our care at our office we are delighted to offer reduced prices on products that we sell in our office as well as special deals at affiliated stores and businesses.

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Our Motto

Align Chiropractic Centre is focused on structural correction of the spine. We use state of the art
technology and techniques to restore full function of the spine and nervous system to allow the innate
recuperative capacity of the body to work optimally.

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