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New Organ Discovered!

Although hard to believe, scientific discovery has unearthed another new body part. Last year we covered how , In 2015, scientists discovered a “missing link” between the immune system and the brain which they called the “central nervous system lymphatic system vessels.” They believe that it is the “missing link” between the brain and the immune system.  Now Scientists have confirmed an new organ has been identified.

The new organ is called the mesentery,and you can find it in our gut.

The mesentery was previously believed to be made of fragmented, separate structures. New research has shown that it’s actually one continuous organ.  Grey’s Anatomy, the world’s most famous medical textbooks, have even been edited to include the update and the discovery may hold the key to better understanding digestive disorders.

Still, it’s unclear exactly what the mesentery does. From a Chiropractic understanding we know that all body parts have a reason for being there but to the medical community  “The body part has been long ignored and believed to be otherwise useless, but scientists are beginning to change their ideas on its function”.





M.A.S.I… A 3D evaluation and peak specificity!

This year we begin with our Multi Axial Structural Imaging (MASI) analysis for all our patients. This is a three dimensional imaging of the neck, which gives us a 3d model of your neck to analyse. The future in imaging lies in this field as it allows practitioners to be more specific and objective than ever before. We are very proud to be able to bring this service to the people of the Sunshine Coast as we strive to provide the pinnacle in Structurally Corrective Care. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Frank


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